Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

  • Parishioners at STM will begin in the gym & process to the church at both Masses
  • Parishioners at SJA will receive palms in the church at both Masses

Archdiocese Chrism Mass

  • Monday, April 11th, 11:00 am at St. Cecilia’s

Holy Thursday – April 14th

  • 7:00 pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper at both churches

Good Friday – April 15th

St. Joan of Arc

  • Noon -Rosary
  • 12:30 pm -Stations
  • 1:00 pm – Tre Ore (Last 7 Words of Christ)

St. Thomas More

  • Noon -Tre Ore
  • 3:00 pm -Stations

7:00 pm Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion at both churches

Holy Saturday -April 16th

  • 8:30 pm Vigil Service at both churches

Easter Sunday -April 17th

  • 8:00 am Easter Mass at both churches
  • 10:30 am Easter Mass at both churches

Job Opening

Director of Evangelization


Midtown Catholic is a family of parishes in the center of Omaha, Nebraska. Starting in 2020, St. Thomas More and St. Joan of Arc parish came together and share a pastor, parish office, and staff. We are looking for an energetic Director of Evangelization who will help the pastor create and implement a Clear Pathway for discipleship for our parishioners and anyone who is interested in joining the Church. The Director of Evangelization will report directly to the pastor and give support to our coordinator for religious education and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, as well as a number of small groups and ministries.


  • Developing and supporting evangelization initiatives in both parishes
  • Building a Clear Path of Discipleship and create and support teams leading each step of the path
  • Building relationships with school leaders and teachers to find ways to help them grow spiritually
  • Work with school leaders to find ways to help parents grow spiritually
  • Directly support coordinators of Religious Education, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, junior high and high school ministries
  • Recruit, train, and support small group leaders
  • Attend Senior Leadership Team meetings and collaborate with SLT members to execute team decisions. Identify and develop leaders who can help lead evangelization efforts.
  • Reports directly to the pastor


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Enthusiastic worker with an openness and desire to learn new skills
  • Must be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church
  • People person who does not mind meeting and speaking with new people
  • Ability to work either with a team or independently with little direct supervision
  • Previous work in Evangelization preferred
  • Experience leading small groups and classes

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Theology, Philosophy, Evangelization, or related field preferred.

Must be Safe Environment certified and background check completed or complete within first month of employment.

Application Instructions
Send resume and cover letter to Eric Keisling, Director of Finance and Operations, at ejkeisling@midtowncatholic.church

Saturday Morning Men’s Group

Understanding what it means to be a Christian man is harder than ever in our world today. The Midtown Catholic That Man is You group gives men clarity about their identity and purpose around what it means to be a husband, a father, a son, and a brother to other men.

The group of men watch a thirty-minute video every week and discuss what they learned and how it might impact their lives. It is a forum where men get together hoping to learn something from one another’s life experiences. It is a group of “Good Men Trying to Get Better”. 

There is no obligation to speak up in the group.  You are welcome to just sit and listen. 

All men are welcome from any parish, any background, or faith.

The group meets every Saturday at 6 a.m. in the St. Thomas More cafeteria. Each session normally concludes around 7 a.m.  Please enter through the door on the West side of the cafeteria. 

Coffee and donuts are provided. 

Any questions, please call Jerry Hassett at 402-650-0360.

Moving Forward

Last summer when I first arrived, I set a vision for our organizational structure. All the items on that list of where we need to be are complete or in process. These tasks were essential for us to move forward to the next phase of parish renewal. The first phase of renewal was mostly an internal structural reorganization that was needed in order for two or more parishes to work together with one pastor. I envisioned that we needed an organizational structure that:

  • Has a centralized office and shared employees
  • Has a centralized workflow for funerals, weddings, and baptisms
  • Has one name under which all communications flow
  • Has a centralized database with CRM capabilities (customer relationship management software)

And so, it is time to move forward with the next phase of the vision that is a bit more churchy and fun (at least for me). Again, last summer when I arrived, I wrote another list of items of where I would like us to be in the near future. I’ve shared that vision with a small number of people and now it’s time to share it with a larger audience. I envision a church that:

  • Has one mission that drives everything we do
  • Has a clear path for discipleship growth
  • Helps people take next steps along that path
  • Equips people for the work of mission and ministry
  • Is more interested in raising givers than raising funds
  • Emphasizes and organizes outreach as one church
  • Creates community and faith maturity through small groups and steps
  • Offers prayerful, transcendent, and meaningful liturgies
  • Raises up leaders for mission to be sent to other parts of the city and world

I’m excited for this next phase. With the help of the Parish Councils and a church consultant group we will formalize our mission, vision, and strategic plan this coming year.

In Christ
Fr. Lorig – Pastor

Communication Priorities

We continue to evaluate our communication strategies for Midtown Catholic. I recently stumbled upon this statement from a church communications blog.

Don’t prioritize communicating anything outside of your vision and discipleship plan.
Communication without purpose is just noise. As you define the journey that your church will guide people through, resist the urge to communicate anything that doesn’t fit within that process. Let your vision and discipleship path be the filter that all communication runs through. If it doesn’t make the cut, toss it out.

To be honest, this has given me some pause and a bit of heartache. It’s not the first time I’ve read something similar and while I would like to get us there someday, we are not in a position to communicate in this way for variety of reasons.

  1. We are going through transition and communicating the changes happening are absolutely necessary for those of you who are stakeholders in our family of parishes.
  2. We don’t really have a locked in “Vision and Discipleship Plan”. I have an idea of what those are, and we are discussing them internally, but I would like to go through a more formal process with our parish councils in the near future.
  3. Defining a journey that our church will guide people through is “not the way we’ve always (or ever) done it”. Internally, we call it a “clear path” and yes, we are discussing it as well. If the mission of the Church is to make disciples, then a parish ought to have a clear process with defined steps for a person to grow into a mature faith. Every church that is seeing growth whether it be Catholic or Protestant has committed to a “clear path” for its members.
  4. Finally, even with a fuzzy vision and mission, we generally know that our parishes exist to reach the lost and make disciples. That said, I feel guilty that we don’t currently offer anything extra outside Mass and some sacramental prep to help people mature in the faith. Be assured that this will not always be the case.

In Christ,
Fr. Jeff Lorig – Pastor

An Early Summer Update

The highlights below are far from an exhaustive list of the things happening in our parishes. While the schedule is different when school is not in session, things haven’t slowed down as there are many projects in motion.

Midtown Catholic

The name Midtown Catholic is beginning to appear a little more frequently in our bulletin articles and online. On the first weekend of July, our websites will direct viewers to http://www.midtowncatholic.church, and we will have one bulletin for both parishes. As a reminder, the names of our parishes are not going away. The Midtown Catholic name merely refers to those things which our parishes do together.

Eric Keisling, our new Director of Finance and Operation, continues to immerse himself in the workings of both parishes. Essentially, he the business manager for both parishes. As part of the Pastor’s Senior Leadership Team, Eric handles the operational and administrative aspects of St. Joan of Arc and St. Thomas More parishes to align with each parish’s overall mission and vision. He is responsible for the finance, administration, human resources, and general operations of both parishes. The position exists so that the Pastor may focus on the overall leadership of the two parishes.

Rachel Bielstein, our Coordinator of Religious Education, continues to work out the details of the new version of our Religious Education program, which will be geared more towards family formation. I believe this will become one of the more attractive assets of our parishes and not merely a consolation for those families who don’t attend our Catholic schools.

We’ve begun to implement a new database for our parishes called One Church Software. We’ll use this platform for all of our communications, volunteer scheduling, event registration, record keeping, and a whole lot more for both parishes. We’ll begin transferring the data for St. Thomas More this summer and St. Joan of Arc at a later date. We’ll continue to keep our old database active until January 2022.

St. Joan of Arc

We’ve been busy getting rooms ready to welcome the Dual Language Academy to our school building. The DLA should be all moved in by the end of this month. Merging our schools over the next few years will bring financial stability to our parish. If we do this right, it will also allow us to welcome new families into our parish who are looking for a home parish.

The Parish Council has been working on creating a new set of bylaws. At the end of this month, the council will ratify the new guidelines. These directives mean taking a new approach to how the council is run and mean we’ll need about 3 or 4 new members to the group. Details to come.

The trees around the campus have been cleaned up. Some of them were carrying disease and some were just dead.

St. Thomas More

We’ve been working with Leo Daly Architects since last fall to study our options for a new Parish Center. I haven’t spoken much about it because we were looking at needs and options. Initially, I wasn’t convinced a Parish Center was a priority, but after being here for a year, I see there is clearly a need for office and meeting space. We have made no firm plans, but we did send some sketches to the city planning office to
see what options we might have. We will be reviewing the city’s response this week.

The big tree green tree in front of the St. Thomas More rectory will be removed this week. Normally, I wouldn’t be in favor of cutting down trees, but this one is getting slightly out of hand.

-Fr. Jeff Lorig, Pastor

Re-envisioning Religious Ed

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Rachel Bielstein. I joined St. Thomas More last year as the Coordinator of Religious Education. Beginning this summer, I will be overseeing the RE program for St. Joan of Arc as well. I am so excited to continue meeting all the incredible people in our family of parishes, Midtown Catholic!

Rachel Bielstein

A little bit about myself: I graduated from Creighton University with degrees in Musical Theatre and Theology. I love anything to do with music: I sing, play violin and piano, and enjoy cantoring at St. Thomas More, my home parish St. Mary’s Bellevue, and St. John’s at Creighton University. I also love to dance, and I teach part-time at Omaha Academy of Ballet. In my free time, I enjoy visiting with my friends and family, hiking, snow skiing, reading, trying all the sushi restaurants in Omaha, and playing with my cats.

A major project I am working on currently is one some of you already know about – re-envisioning the Religious Education program for both parishes. We are implementing a model of family formation that will encourage parents to grow in faith alongside their children. Parents are the most important teachers for their children, especially when it comes to teaching faith. Family Formation will equip parents with resources and community support to help them do this.

In Midtown Catholic’s Family Formation program, parents and children will gather twice a month to participate in activities and classes. During the first night, parents and children will attend separate workshops. The second night will see families staying together to participate in group activities with other families. Since this program represents both SJA and STM, each parish will host Family Formation nights, and we will alternate which location we are at every month. I hope that this program
will help families from our parishes become friends because community is essential!

Another dream I have for Midtown Catholic is to bring more performing arts and music ministry opportunities to our parishioners. Throughout my life, I have seen the arts bring people together as well as contribute to community and personal prayer life. Fr. Lorig recently gave me permission to start a youth choir for our parishes, and you will hear more about this later in the summer. I also hope to bring some seasonal music and performance ministry events to our community.

I believe these new programs and ministries will be very positive for our community. I look forward to sharing them with you!

Coordinator of Religious Education
Rachel Bielstein


Meet Eric Keisling

Hello! My name is Eric Keisling, and I am excited to be joining Midtown Catholic as your Director of Finance and Operations. Prior to joining Midtown Catholic, I served as a campaign manager for one of the candidates running for Mayor of Omaha this past Spring. Before joining the campaign, I worked at TD Ameritrade for four years as a Senior Resource Desk Specialist, helping our associates and clients with complex financial questions and problems.

Eric and Kylie Keisling

I attended Benedictine College for my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and I am currently studying at night to earn my Master of Science in Political Science at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. While at Benedictine, I competed on the Track and Cross-Country teams and continue to love running to this day.

After college, I volunteered for several years at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish’s Overflow Youth Group, the same youth group that I attended throughout high school. It was a wonderful experience to give back to the same youth group that helped me grow to love Jesus and the Sacraments during my formative years.

Outside of work and school, I enjoy traveling and going out to eat with my lovely wife, Kylie, and playing fetch with our rambunctious Australian Shepherd dog, Ruby. Kylie can attest that I am a big history and literature buff. For instance, we most recently visited Hannibal, Missouri, to see the childhood home of Mark Twain.

I am very excited to be joining the team here at Midtown Catholic. St. Joan of Arc and St Thomas More are both wonderful parishes, and it will be a fun challenge to bring them together. As Director of Finance and Operations, I plan to integrate prayer and strong, healthy financial practices to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible for you, the parishioners. Going forward we hope to make Midtown Catholic a model for other combined parishes to follow.

In the coming weeks and months, I ask that you pray for Fr. Lorig, the staff of Midtown Catholic, and myself as we continue these transitions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Eric Keisling
Director of Finance and Operations

The General Dispensation is Ending!

The Archbishop is ending the general dispensation from the obligation to participate in Sunday Mass effective the weekend of Pentecost, May 22-23.

We will continue to sanitize the pews, reserve some sections for social distancing, refrain from the sign of peace, and hold off on receiving from the chalice. Slowly we will resume having altar servers and bringing up the gifts. Mask wearing will be enforced as long as the city mandates it and will be highly encouraged when it does

Those who are prevented from attending Mass due to advanced age, sickness, disability, or some other serious reason are excused. For those who are unable to attend, we will continue to provide Mass via livestream.