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All Saints and All Souls

We have a solemnity followed by a feast next week. Make sure you make it to Mass. Mass intentions for 2023 should be mailed in to the parish office.

Midweek Update 10/19

This week’s Gospel talks about our disposition before God. Do we approach as righteous saints, or repentant sinners? Every saint (other than Mary and John the Baptist) is a sinner. All have fallen and need the mercy of God. By his grace and forgiveness, we find our place as his Children. When we share our…
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From the Evangelization Desk: September 22nd

Do you remember filling out a survey back in February? Many Catholics across the globe took part in a survey for a 2023 Bishops synod (conference) that would help Bishops understand the state of their flocks. My fiancé was part of the team for our Archdiocese who compiled our answers and assessed them. One general…
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Midweek at Midtown – July 13

It may seem like a new phase to life in St. Joan of Arc and St. Thomas More parishes, now that we have a new pastor, but it isn’t.  It will involve some changes over the next year, but most things will be the same.  For instance, I will be staying at SJA rectory the…
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Holy Week Schedule

A Schedule for Both Parishes