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MidWeek Update 1/18

MidWeek Update 1/18

brown soup in white ceramic bowl

Winter Soup Supper

Join us Saturday, January 21st, at St. Joan of Arc for a bowl of soup. Knights of Columbus will serve you after the 5:30 p.m. Mass. Free will offering to defer expenses with anything extra supplementing parish and school support programs.

If you can provide a dessert, please email Marvin: marvinshulz@cox.net

More di Gras

The St. Thomas More gala is approaching. You should receive a formal invitation in the mail to attend. If you do not receive one in the next two weeks and would like to attend, please send an email to moredigras@gmail.com

Fr. Jindra’s Class continues . . . With a twist!

After some feedback at the first meeting, Fr. Jindra’s class will be on apologetics. Fr. Jindra is very passionate about apologetics and was excited to hear the attendees last week would like to hear more on the subject.

Fr. Jindra will cover a wide variety of arguments for and against the faith. Bring your own doubts and learn about how reasonable our faith is! Sundays after the 4:30 p.m. Mass at St. Thomas More.

More Volunteers Needed

Stations of the Cross rehearsals are continuing, but we need more young people to make it special. If you have a child in 4th grade to a senior in High School who may be interested, contact Rebecca and Anthony Manno: greycross@cox.net or (402) 991-4497

Evangelium Institute Survey

Evangelium Institute is looking to offer more opportunities for Catholics to come together and learn about the faith, but they’d like to know more about YOU and what YOU would like to get out of it! Please take a few minutes to complete this anonymous, 7-question survey so that they can better serve and provide the programs & courses that you would like to attend!

Link to survey: bit.ly/EI-survey

Pro-Life Bills at the Nebraska Level

These are the main points of an important press release from Senator Joni Albrecht:


THE NEBRASKA HEARTBEAT ACT will protect the lives of preborn babies with beating hearts from abortion. The legislation requires physicians to perform an ultrasound to listen for a fetal heartbeat. If a heartbeat is detected, the legislation would prohibit the physician from aborting a living preborn baby. (The legislation allows abortions in cases of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother.)

THE PREGNANCY HELP ACT would support and empower women and families in Nebraska by incentivizing donations to pregnancy help organizations in Nebraska through the creation of a tax credit. This would support the work of pregnancy help organizations (There are 25 from every corner of Nebraska.) as they serve pregnant and parenting women in need, including food, housing, transportation, baby supplies and job training.

WHEN THESE BILLS ARE BROUGHT UP FOR A VOTE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STATE SENATORS TO VOTE “YES.” May the Holy Spirit be ever present in this process. May Nebraska truly become a Pro-Life State!

Press Release: Albrecht Press Conference Press Release (11Jan2023).pdf

Saint Quote- St. Anthony of the Desert

“Regard as free not those whose status makes them outwardly free, but those who are free in their character and conduct. For we should not call men truly free when they are wicked and dissolute, since they are slaves to worldly passions. Freedom and happiness of soul consist in genuine purity and detachment from transitory things.” ~ Anthony the Great

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