Faith, Excellence, & Service

Catholic schools, at their core, are designed to surround students in the Catholic faith daily. Through this routine of prayer, liturgy, faith instruction, and service to others, we prepare students to make Christ-like decisions and live their faith daily. Catholic schools have a reputation for academic rigor, and that is something for which we can all be proud. However, that is the frosting on the cake. First and foremost, our schools must focus on our love of Jesus and recognize everyone as a child of God. I have spent most of my life connected to Catholic education in one way or another. I started many years ago as a first-grader at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. I like to say that I am a product of Catholic education from first grade to post-graduate class, always in a Catholic setting. I sent my children to Catholic high schools, and my career (more years than I like to count) has been in Catholic elementary schools either as a teacher or school administrator. Over the years, a lot has changed from the curriculum and discipline procedures to the hot lunch program. The one constant that I can trace back to my first grade classroom is that central theme: we are all here learning to love Jesus and accept him into our lives.

Faith, Excellence, and Service is this year’s Catholic School’s Week theme. Special activities have been planned for the students this week. In addition to dress-down days, pancakes, and teacher switch days, students will pray together each morning for different parish community members and our nation. I want to thank Midtown Catholic parishioners for al-ways supporting us. Much has been accomplished over the years thanks to your steadfastness. Please keep us in your prayers and know that you are in ours.

Kayleen Wallace
Principal, St. Joan of Arc School