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Midweek at Midtown – July 13

It may seem like a new phase to life in St. Joan of Arc and St. Thomas More parishes, now that we have a new pastor, but it isn’t.  It will involve some changes over the next year, but most things will be the same.  For instance, I will be staying at SJA rectory the…
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To All the Graduates

A letter written in 1962 by Flannery O’Connor to a college student who thought he was losing his faith.

Looking Forward to Pentecost

I’m looking forward to Pentecost.   One morning after Mass this week I was looking at the Mass attendance sheet. While our attendance numbers have been steady since Easter, they are still far from the numbers we had prior to the pandemic. But that’s not really the point of my writing this week. The thought that…
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Forgiving Those Closest To Us

A message from our Senior Associate

The Underrated Gift of Hope

One morning recently during my morning meditation and while I was praying my way through the Mass, I noticed some grief and sadness in my heart. Sadness is an experience of loss.

The Meaning of the Palm

I asked my dad several years ago if we should work on some of his funeral planning. He hemmed and hawed and was reluctant to give a straight answer. I said, “You know, no one is getting out of here alive.” His response, “Well, I’m going to try.” Death is this thing most of us…
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Many Hands

Article from Fr. Frank Baumert

Journey of Faith: Daily Masses

What daily Masses will be like with one priest.

Sewing Bonds and Serving Others

When I was a young girl, I went to many high school football games. At halftime, the cheerleaders, who were feverishly rooting for their team to outdo the opposition, would run across the field, join hands with the visiting team’s cheerleaders and introduce themselves to one another. They would chat for a while and then…
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My Friends from Kazakhstan

Has anyone ever told you that you are friendly? Called you a gracious host? A warm welcomer? If not, then please read the rest of the article. If you are, I still invite you to attend our hospitality training Sunday, February 13th, at 9 am, in the St. Joan of Arc Teachers’ Lounge. We are…
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