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HAPPY EASTER! Deacon Tim Reflection

HAPPY EASTER! Deacon Tim Reflection

Christ is Risen!  We have endured the darkness and loss of Good Friday, the Crucifixion and internment of our Lord and Savior.  But as the Psalmist tells us, “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.” 

And scripture tells us that Mary arose “early in the morning” to go to Jesus’ tomb. This image of a new day speaks to us of a new beginning, new opportunities, new encounters. Early morning speaks to us of the freshness of new life.

By contrast, this gospel uses the word “tomb” seven times, speaking to us about the seeming finality of Jesus’ death.  By even greater contrast, the gospel ends with the Scripture certitude that Jesus “had to rise from the dead.”

I leave you this week to reflect on all that has happened this Lent, during the Triduum and Easter.  As Hesychius of Jerusalem shared on an Easter morn in 412,

“This day brings a message of joy: it is the day of the Lord’s resurrection when, with himself, he raised up the race of Adam. Born for the sake of human beings, he rose from the dead with them.

On this day paradise is opened by the risen one, Adam is restored to life and Eve is consoled.

On this day the divine call is heard, the kingdom is prepared, we are saved, and Christ is adored.

On this day, when he had trampled death under foot, made the tyrant a prisoner, and despoiled the underworld, Christ ascended into heaven as a king in victory, as a ruler in glory, as an invincible charioteer.

He said to the Father: here am I, O God, with the children you have given me and he heard the Father’s reply: ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.’

To him be glory, now and forever, through endless ages, amen.

We joyfully reflect in prayer…

Today, death is overcome.  Death has no victory.  God is the Lord of life.  Easter celebrates a new beginning, our certitude of new life.  May we choose that Life.

Deacon Tim