Baptism Preparation- Infant and Child Baptism

Baptizing a small child or infant should reflect parents who are practicing their faith and want to raise their offspring in the same manner. In the Catholic Church, parents baptize their children into the faith they practice. Baptism is a gift which makes the individual an adopted child of God, God loves them as he loves his only begotten son. Baptizing a child who cannot choose demonstrates in the purest terms that being a Child of God is not something that we earn, but is a gift freely given.

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (R.C.I.C) is for children who have reached the age of reason. In the United States, we recognize that time being around that of a third grader. Some children may reach the age of reason earlier. If your child is the instigator of getting baptized, they should wait until they have reached the age of reason to begin R.C.I.C. or appeal to the archbishop to begin early. Children at this age or stage of development should not undergo Baptism for Infants and children.

Please take some time to prayerfully consider beginning this process. To Baptize a child and not raise them as a Christan can be confusing for a child.


To have your child baptized at St. Joan of Arc or St. Thomas More, contact the Midtown Catholic Parish Office by phone at 402-556-1456 or email at Someone from the parish will contact you to arrange a time to meet and fill out the baptism registration form.


Someone from the parish will arrange a time to meet and fill out the baptism registration form, prep you for the coursework, and register for the class.


Baptism Course on Formed

  • Register for
    • Enter your parish zip code or name to select your parish
    • Enter your email and name
    • Complete assigned video series

Godparent Requirements**

  • Have completed their 16th year
  • Be a Catholic who has been confirmed and has already received the Sacrament of the Eucharist
  • Lead a life in harmony with the faith and the role to be undertaken
  • Not be bound by any canonical penalty legitimately imposed or declared (i.e.: divorced and remarried and no annulment received)
  • Not be the Father or Mother of the one to be baptized

**A baptized person who belongs to a non-Catholic ecclesial community can be a witness, but not a Godparent**

Baptism Class Requirement

  • First child – Required
  • More than two years since previous class – Required 

Skip to Step Four if…

  • It has been less than two years since a previous class was taken
  • Family has three or more children

Only register for the class after filling out the Baptism Registration Form with someone from the parish.

  • If a Baptism Class is required, then the Baptism will be scheduled at the end of the class; otherwise, they are scheduled when the Baptism Form is filled out
  • Baptisms can be scheduled to take place after any weekend Mass (Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings)
  • Whoever the priest is for the Mass will perform the Baptism – unless:
  1. There is a preference for a deacon
  2. There is a scheduling conflict for the priest