Totus Tuus – July 2022

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Last week, youth from our parishes got to participate in Totus Tuus!  Totus Tuus, which means “totally yours,” is an Archdiocesan wide summer camp where students from elementary through high school learn about their faith during a week filled with games, song and worship, classes, prayer, Mass, confession, and adoration.  We had almost 50 total participants from SJA, STM, and some of our neighboring parishes.

One of the best parts of Totus Tuus is that it is led by a group of young adults in the Archdiocese!  These missionaries are around college age, and are extremely passionate about sharing their faith and actively discerning their own vocations.  They connect with both young kids and teens easily, and are a great example to those the encounter.  Our missionary team this year included two men and two women: Brian, Caleb, Regan, and Emily.  Brian and Caleb are both seminarians for the Archdiocese, Regan attends UNL, and Emily attends Wayne State.  We had a great time getting to know them and are grateful for their time and energy during this every busy week! 

Some of the memorable moments from this week included daily Mass, games, learning songs, water fights, and game nights.  Those who visited St. Thomas More school or church throughout last week probably heard lots of laughter and music, or maybe even encountered small groups of youth being led in quiet prayer.  The kids behaved so well that they got to participate in the human sundae tradition, where they bring ice cream toppings and pour them all over their favorite missionaries! 

I want to say thank you to all those in our community who made this program successful.  Thank you to all the families who provided housing, games, meals, and snacks for the missionary team.  Thank you to the St. Thomas More school staff, as well as the Midtown Catholic parish staff and volunteers for their help with various set up tasks, registration, and all the things that came up during the week.  Thank you to the middle, high school, and adult volunteers who helped with the elementary school program.  I especially thank Fr. Jindra and Fr. Frank for making sure that the children had multiple opportunities for Mass, confession, and adoration throughout the week! 

Finally, I want to thank all of you who prayed for us during the week of and weeks leading up to Totus Tuus.  Please know that you helped our youth to have an incredible time! 

God Bless,

Rachel Bielstein
Coordinator of Religious Education

Totus Tuus
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