Practice Charity

God gave himself to humanity through the person of Jesus Christ. The idea of God becoming mortal alone is an unfathomable gift to us. That the word of God took part in our humanity is a gift that could never be matched, for, by baptism we take part in his divinity. In imitation of him we are expected to give generously.  

There are several opportunities around the metro to give. You can obviously give to the Salvation Army or the beggars standing on the medians. However, our time is much more valuable and we get something much greater in return for it. Consider visiting the imprisoned, elderly in nursing homes, or volunteering your time with two Metro missions: 

Open Door Mission Get Involved – Open Door Mission 

Bethlehem House Volunteer – Bethlehem House ( 

A simpler thing to do: live charity daily. Find opportunities to speak and act charitably to those around you. Whether it’s the co-worker you can’t stand, family member you don’t want to spend time with, service worker who looks stressed, or stranger you pass by in public- we are all in need of God’s love and forgiveness. Smile at someone today, offer someone words of encouragement, and tell people you love them.  

Corporal Works of Mercy: 

  • Feed the hungry; 
  • Give drink to the thirsty 
  • Clothe the naked 
  • Harbor the harborless 
  • Visit the sick 
  • Ransom the captive 
  • Bury the dead. 

Prayer for Charity:  


Fill our hearts with the spirit of your charity, that we may please you by our thoughts, and love you in our brothers and sisters.