Practice Gratitude

Here is the 3rd of 7 practical tips to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Messiah from Fr. Dave Belt”s Mission Talk at Midtown Catholic on December 5th.

We have been given much by the family, mentors, and friends in our lives. The best of these are greater than material wealth. Make sure to practice the “Attitude of Gratitude” this advent. A good resolution would be to personally thank someone for a positive impact they made at a crucial point in your development. Whether a former school teacher, parent, or loved one- use a particular example that has a date in history.

We owe gratitude primarily to God. Consider praying some of the psalms (such as psalm 65) or this prayer from the 3rd Century:

O Lord and Vivifier,

Your grace has achieved for us all that you had spoken and promised.

Grant us access to the place of your peace.

For you are our Vivifier, you are our Consoler, you are our life Remedy, you are our Standard of victory.

Blessed are we, O Lord, because we have known you!

Blessed are we, because we have believed in you you!

Blessed are we, because we bear your wounds and the sign of your blood on our countenances!

Blessed are we, because you are our great hope!

Blessed are we, because you are our God forever!

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