First Ever World Day of Grandparents and Elederly

This past Sunday, July 25th, three parishes in midtown Omaha: Holy Cross, St. Thomas More, and St. Joan of Arc, combined efforts to host three meals throughout the day to honor our seniors. The turnout was amazing and the comments were overwhelmingly positive. Many attendees commented that it was nice to see familiar faces again all in one place and it was just nice to sit and visit. Thank you to everyone who made the festivities possible.

Pope Francis asked the Church to celebrate this day especially in the light of the difficult pandemic we are going through, which has been acutely felt by the elderly. He writes:

The last year has “been a time of trial for everyone, but especially for us elderly persons. Many of us fell ill, others died or experienced the death of spouses or loved ones, while others found themselves isolated and alone for long periods.”

“The Lord is aware of all that we have been through in this time. He is close to those who felt isolated and alone, feelings that became more acute during the pandemic…

Even at the darkest moments, as in these months of pandemic, the Lord continues to send angels to console our loneliness and to remind us: ‘I am with you always.’ He says this to you, and he says it to me. That is the meaning of this Day, which I wanted to celebrate for the first time in this particular year, as a long period of isolation ends and social life slowly resumes. May every grandfather, every grandmother, every older person, especially those among us who are most alone, receive the visit of an angel!”

Read the whole message. It aims to affirm the dignity and Christian vocation of elderly people.

Grateful to Steven Branscombe for taking photos of the St. Joan of Arc evening meal.