Saturday Morning Men’s Group

Understanding what it means to be a Christian man is harder than ever in our world today. The Midtown Catholic That Man is You group gives men clarity about their identity and purpose around what it means to be a husband, a father, a son, and a brother to other men.

The group of men watch a thirty-minute video every week and discuss what they learned and how it might impact their lives. It is a forum where men get together hoping to learn something from one another’s life experiences. It is a group of “Good Men Trying to Get Better”. 

There is no obligation to speak up in the group.  You are welcome to just sit and listen. 

All men are welcome from any parish, any background, or faith.

The group meets every Saturday at 6 a.m. in the St. Thomas More cafeteria. Each session normally concludes around 7 a.m.  Please enter through the door on the West side of the cafeteria. 

Coffee and donuts are provided. 

Any questions, please call Jerry Hassett at 402-650-0360.