Fr. Frank Has Class

A little over three years ago I wrote a book. It is printed but not published. It is not a finished product. I have been presenting the material in several different ways. The book is designed to be discussed and not just read. For this reason each session will involve discussion time to look at key issues that are affecting our faith experience.

The name of the book is: “Kingdom, the Word We No Longer See.” It looks at how we have lost some of the understanding of our faith because we no longer live in kingdom cultures as Jews and Christians did until the past couple centuries. Each person will either receive a printed copy or an electronic copy of the manuscript.

I can pretty much guarantee that you will learn many things in this class. It will help you tie aspects of your faith together and may even help you explain your faith to others in a way that most people find easy to understand. That is what I hope you get out of the class. What I hope to get from the participants in the class are ways to improve on how the book is written. As I mentioned, I have printed copies of the book, but it is not published. You can help me in spotting weaknesses in how it is written. This is the process that I have been working on for the last three years.

A few of the questions that I will be dealing with are as follows:

  • If God loves me, like we always hear, then why is life so hard?
  • If God’s love is unconditional, then how can there be a hell?
  • If there is a hell, how bad can it be?
  • And, along with many others; how does Jesus, the King of kings, fit into this?

I hope you can join me for this class. Hopefully, you know my preaching style well enough by now, to trust me that it will not be dull.

Fr. Frank